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Welcome to the Secure Exchanges .net SDK

Please subscript to a trial version at

Thank you to get interest to our product. Secure Exchanges is a secure way to transfer files, and sensitive information between two organisation. You can use the SDK to build complex project and send confidential information from your software to someone by email.

Getting Started

To get started, please request a trial version, or buy a licence at

  • Discovert how easly you can send files and email with Secure Exchanges. .\html\81F2F440.htm Use the helper

  • The .\media folder - Place images in this folder that you will reference from conceptual content using medialLink or mediaLinkInline elements. If you will not have any images in the file, you may remove this folder.

  • The .\icons folder - This contains a default logo for the help file. You may replace it or remove it and the folder if not wanted. If removed or if you change the file name, update the Transform Args project properties page by removing or changing the filename in the logoFile transform argument. Note that unlike images referenced from conceptual topics, the logo file should have its BuildAction property set to Content.

  • The .\Content folder - Use this to store your conceptual topics. You may name the files and organize them however you like. One suggestion is to lay the files out on disk as you have them in the content layout file as shown in this project but the choice is yours. Files can be added via the Solution Explorer or from within the content layout file editor. Files must appear in the content layout file in order to be compiled into the help file.

If there some missing documentation, bad translation or sample not clear, please contact us at

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